Lee’s Summit Play may have started as play dates at houses but it quickly outgrew those spaces!

Headquarters is located at 403 SW Ward St in Lee’s Summit. This multi-functional space is home to:

  • Open Play
  • Birthday Parties
  • Mom’s Night Out
  • Dad’s Open Play
  • Vendor Events
  • Painting Parties
  • Classes
  • And MORE!


What is LSP Open Play?

This is a time to be together in a relaxed and easy environment. Meet up with friends or make new ones. A big play date! During open play times, children can play freely at each of the unique areas designed to help promote learning through play. Please feel free to participate in play or just watch kids while you relax at a table or on the giant couch overlooking the space. We also have a large yard if you wish to go outside.

During open play times the Big Kid Deck is reserved for older children, please do not allow young children up as it is not designed with their needs in mind. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink but we ask that all food items are kept in kitchen area or outside. To keep our space safe, and clean to all please follow the Kitchen Rules posted in kitchen.

We have a great coffee bar! Offering hot coffee, tea, cold brew with a fridge full of yummy creamer flavors.

Sometimes we offer a special group activity, game, project, movie or surprise treat (with parent’s permission). The children will lead the play! Each play session will end with a cleanup time where everyone works together to put space back together. This teaches the kids to take pride in their environment.

As children are being introduced to a group play atmosphere, we expect normal childhood conflict and encourage you to help children work through in a kind way. This is a great time to learn to be part of a community, but please remember our code of conduct while playing.